• Bio-Bottle

  • Shake Up

  • 3 Day Trial

  • Healthier Options

  • ONLY available in conjunction with other products OR order  a minimum of 3 boxes Healthy snacking, individually wrapped. Only 140 calories per bar, lots of B vitamins for energy release and 10 grams of protein. (14 in a box)

  • Only available in conjunction with other products, order more than 1 or/and a minimum of Euro 30 orders. Provides over 20 vitamins, minerals plus herbs and botanicals essential for balanced nutrition and good health. Contains Calcium and Vitamin D to promote healthy bone structure

  • Our 3-Day-Try-Out Contains: 6 x Formula 1 Healthy Shake Mix sachets "Vanilla" 8 x Thermo Complete Tablets 1 x Starter Kit with Shaker, tablet box & measuring tape. 1x full colour Product Magazine 1 x Flyer: benefits of Formula 1 Healthy Shake Mix & Thermo Complete (tablets)

  • Lacking in energy? Need to feel revived? Instant Herbal Beverage can help you feel more energised and may help to maintain and improve alertness – helps contribute to your mental performance. This great tasting drink only contains around 6 calories per serving. Three different flavours to choose from, all in convenient 50 gram packaging.

  • World´s number 1 balanced meal in a glass. Calorie controlled, no cholesterol, made with high quality soy protein, which also contains the right blend of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Scientifically blended to be absorbed easily and quickly by the body. The perfect balance needed for a healthy meal! Used for eg; Sport Nutrition, Weight...

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